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My previous comment was an incomplete thought. Sorry about that.My point in referencing my initial impressions of the Ico game is to say that Team ICO had already shown us what they think of female representation in games. In Shadow of the Colossus the female is dead and in Ico the female is utterly helpless. They do not have a history of showing strong females. Saying that they wanted to make their new main character a female means little when they did not do so in the end. I agree with Alex, if they wanted to make her a female they would have done so. It is as simple as that.

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Yeah, I think you’re right, about the *before* part… You can’t force medication unless they are in a committed patient position… And you gotta admit, even if I did take a wee bit of exception, it was the 1st time… Bunker is as hard-core redneck as … uh … well … the rest of us!

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I don't think many viewers sit there and carefully weigh up the merits of a video and rate accuratly like olmypic judges. Either they rate 1 star and say It sux or they rate 5 stars .. If they found the video just mediocre they will just move on to the next video.The only good purpose of the rating system is to weed out spam type videos .

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Hi Marcia- congrats on deni's wedding- you LOOKED stunning and i would like to know where you got your dress, as my daughters engagment is coming up and a shift dress like that would be perfect= would dearly appreciate your help!Di

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GRATULERER<3 Blir helg rørt jeg nå, husker så godt hvordan det føles, og hvor fort morsfølelsen som med nr2(selv om det føles som en hel evighet siden..). Kos deg, og slapp masse av på sykehuset, mens du kan..Klem

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miałem okazję pływać na tym kutrze (jak nazywał sie jeszcze GDY-4)i brać udział w jego przebudowie jak trafił z Ustki do Gdyni szkoda tej łajby zostały mi tylko zdjęcia i miłe wspomnienia .

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Davon abgesehen, dass auch in wissenschaftlichen Kreisen das Internet als Publikationsort zunehmend anerkannt wird (): Das professionelle Publizieren wäre ja nun das geringste Problem. Sie könnten sich z.B. mit den Autoren in Verbindung setzen und gemeinsam überlegen, wie man darauf aufbaut.Immerhin sehen Sie aber, es gibt Anknüpfungspunkte und Zahlenmaterial, das etwas weniger tendenziös ist.

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would love? to go there, but after that British tourist was taken into custody for alleged assault, denied visitation from the embassy, then beaten to death, I wouldn’t go near it

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omggg idkk. i just made one like a few hours ago, and i made my feirnd make one so that i’d have one.but tahts the only feirnd i have. :/References :

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also 1.) Also wenn jemand ein UPC Verkaufstand hat und mir sagt das er schon länger dort arbeitet dann nehme ich an das alles passt2.)"5 werktage dauert die installation in der regel" dauert sie sicher nicht weil es gibt eine Selbstinstallation nachhause nehmen anschließen und los gehts, im NORMALFALL3.) Das Problem wusste ich selber erst heute nachdem ich nachgehackt hatte, siehe Titelseite ganz unten unter UPDATED

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Jøss, jeg ville tippet at du, av alle, hadde hyttebok, Lin! Du som er så glad i å skrive. Det er bare å skaffe seg først som sist, og husk å la ungene skrive der. Det er stas om noen år. smiling

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to Help Cover Convention CostsObama Stumps for Lower Student Loan Interest RatesOsloThe PJ TatlerThe Future of Advertising is Online .recentcomments a{display:inline !importantfunnyadding:0 !important;margin:0 !important;} var

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oh my. i just finished reading your testimony. the incredible part is this…. it was right afteri sent up a prayer for some guidance from our loving God. my eyes are brimming as i writethis. THANK YOU THANK YOU from a stranger.

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Enjoying your elaborate posts on each song. Even though I was indirectly and directly involved in many of the games that inspired the songs I still learn a lot of new stuff from each of these posts

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Scharfsinnig die Gewaltenteilung the­ma­ti­siert. Die kul­tu­relle Evolution beinhal­tet auch Vorzeichenwechsel, wenn ein geglaub­tes Zwischenoptimum zum abstei­gen­den Ast mutiert. Wer das nicht erkennt, ist ohne rela­ti­vie­rende Ausrede ein(e) Anachronist/in, nicht nur im Rechtswesen. Wie die von ihrer Tradition unbe­las­te­ten Grünen inner­halb von nur 40 Jahren zum Spießbürgertum mutie­ren konn­ten, ist ein der Rückgratslosigkeit geschul­de­tes demo­kra­ti­sches Trauerspiel. Im Diversifizieren von Assimilation und Integration ist Erdogan, der Atatürks Säkularisierung rüch­gän­gig macht, wohl ein Vorbild?

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Thanks Dumitru- That would be interesting to see. However, I’m not sure if theme options alone would have an effect on the overall page load. It would depend on the options themselves, images, templates structure, etc.

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Stjälkselleri är det en rykande Ã¥tgÃ¥ng pÃ¥ här hemma, och framförallt är det en självklar ingrediens att trycka ner i juicemaskinen. Kan bara hÃ¥lla med om att den förhöjer smaken pÃ¥ tomatsÃ¥s. Och sÃ¥ kommer jag att tänka pÃ¥ en tomatsoppa jag gjorde förr, med stjälkselleri och lime… Mmmm, den var god.

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plots” sounds more pathetic everyday. I think the Russians would have done well to just listen to Andy at Siberian Light and respond by giving no response to claim the moral high ground. Or they

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For me, I don’t know if it is the clutter itself that is making me less successful. It is more that I don’t have time to take things as they come up that is making me crazy. The other day I had to straighten up the house real quick and I couldn’t believe the amount of junk mail I hadn’t gotten rid of and things I hadn’t put on the calendar. I think the day should really be 26 hours long.

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Hey man thanks for the comment! I am very excited. A little more than 2 months left now! Youre one of the blogs I follow and it’s cool that you read my blog. Thanks man!

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